Facebook removes 22 more Alex Jones pages after its latest policy update

Facebook has removed 22 pages associated with Alex Jones, the journalist and founder of infowars.com, due to policy that makes it more difficult for administrators of previously banned pages to create new ones. The pages had been created before Alex Jones’ highly publicized de-platforming in August.

Facebook claims the administrators had tried to circumvent the policy by repurposing old pages to promote Alex Jones and reconnect with the communities they had built there on the now banned pages.

On February 5th, 2019 Facebook removed all the pages, a few of which Alex Jones was himself a moderator. The rest of the pages were operated by administrators that were in fact administrators on the 4 that were banned in August.

Jones’ profile remains active on the platform, and he (along with other administrators of banned pages) are capable of making new pages, so long as they do not resemble the previously banned page according to Facebook.


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