Twitter suspension of conservative pundit Jesse Kelly sparks condemnation

Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend conservative radio host, writer, and retired U.S. Marine Jesse Kelly has provoked outrage and condemnation across the political spectrum.

Kelly was informed on Sunday (November 25th) that his account had been permanently terminated, but was not given any further information on the rationale for the suspension by the social media giant.

The suspension comes during a time when right-wing voices believe that they are being unfairly targeted by Twitter, and the fact that Kelly was removed from the platform with no rationale given, and no obvious history of promoting what could be perceived as hate speech, does nothing to quell these concerns.

In The Washington Examiner, Tiana Lowe writes that Kelly’s suspension is the most alarming of all of the recent social media purges. As a private company, Lowe writes, Twitter is entitled to decide who can and can’t post materials on their platform, however in this instance, Kelly’s suspension for seemingly innocuous content demonstrates two inconsistencies at the heart of the company.

Firstly, if Twitter is attempting to rewrite the rules of acceptable speech, as it has seemingly done here, it is “digging itself into the hole of effectively endorsing the voices that they do not ban”. Secondly, as the platform continues to curate their content and ban those voices they do not want to hear from, Twitter runs the very real risk (in the eyes of the courts in particular), of being viewed as a publisher “and of becoming legally liable for what they allow to be published.”

Kelly himself has posted a response to his suspension on The Federalist website here.

To read the full article about Kelly’s suspension on The Washington Examiner website, head here.


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  1. Firebrand Bill says:

    Ok, this is getting silly now. President Trump has to finally act on his earlier promises and call for an full investigation into the liberal bs bias at the heart of Silicon Valley

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