New poll suggests that Americans are becoming increasingly more sceptical of social media

A new poll, conducted this month, has found that more Americans than ever believe that social media platforms have done more to hurt democracy and free speech than help.

In 2017, 43 percent of Americans thought that social media hurts society, this figure has risen to 57 percent this year.

According to the survey, conducted by media company Axios, both Republicans and Democrats express negative feelings on the topic; nine percent more Democrats believe social media hurts free speech than last year, and 17 percent more Republicans feel that way.

Particular issues include concerns around censorship of conservative voices (from Republicans), and the use of targeted ads that could be used to discriminate against minorities (from Democrats).

To read more about this poll, visit the Axios website here.


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  1. Carlos Le Jekyll says:

    Well at least we’ve found something to unite Democrats and Republicans!

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