French government to “embed” team of regulators inside Facebook

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, has this week announced that for the first time, Facebook will allow a team of regulators to “embed” inside the company to observe how hate speech is combated online.

The social media giant has historically been wary of opening its working practises up to external scrutiny, but for six months from January 2019, a small team of top civil servants will work with Facebook to determine whether its checks and balances could be improved.

President Macron was speaking at the annual Internet Governance Forum in Paris. The pilot scheme forms part what he has called “smart regulation”, which he wants to roll out with tech leaders such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon — referred to as the “GAFAs” in French.

France’s approach to tackling hate speech online has contrasted sharply to that taken by Germany which implemented a policy in January whereby sites are required to remove banned content within 24 hours or face fines of up to 50 million euros.

According to Reuters, in contrast, “France’s use of embedded regulators is modelled on what happens in its banking and nuclear industries”.

This story was originally reported in Reuters. To read the full article, click here.


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2 Responses

  1. GaryChuckis says:

    This story depresses me so much. Who’s in whose pocket – the big social media firms or big government?

  2. JonBoyz says:

    The corporations and media are replacing the government – wake up people!

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